TLauncher 2.806 (Beta)

TLauncher 2.806 (Beta)
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We give you the opportunity to download TLauncher 2.806 (Beta), only on our website there are no expectations and a direct link. Plus, all TLauncher EN 2.806 files were checked for viruses, they are not. Version 2.806 is available in the following editions: Beta. Launcher version works on all popular OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux. Have no more queuing delays, no disappointments, and more time to enjoy the game itself!
Review on TLauncher 2.806

В версии лаунчера 2.806, разработчики ввели поддержку экспериментальных снапшотов 1.18, в которой изменена генерация мира на новую. Теперь, руды будут под землёй на новой высоте. Изучить отличия, можно на картинке ниже.

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